Questions & Answers

What is EzDD service Range?

We serve mainly Christchurch but our drivers can go anywhere near Christchurch(Loburn, Rangiroa, Kaiapo, Lincoln etc.)

How to place order?

Use our app or directly call our customer service center to place order. 

How does EzDD charge?

We charge $2.4/km starting from $12, you can get a quote on our home page.

The final charge may differ(+/- $5) according to weather, traffic etc. The final price will be decided by the in-app price calculation.

How long does it take drivers to arrive?

Our driver will come ASAP if you need, it normally takes them around 15mins. However, due to traffic, demands, extreme weather, the actual time may differ. We will give free ride if you wait more than 45 mins

Is this service insured and safe? 

We provide professional drivers to safely get you and your car home. All our drivers have at least 10 years driving experience.

We will pay for any damage caused by our drivers. However, if the damage is not caused by our driver (get crashed by other cars for example), you may need to get the payment from the people at responsibility. 

I have more questions. How do I contact?

Manager Email:

Contact number: 0225655850