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We’re here to help! At EzCabs we direct our staff to put customer service first. 24/7 customer service, we will always do our best to solve your problems


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We strictly check our drivers' backgrounds. All EzDD drivers are licensed. We do not use casual drivers like Uber. That is how we provie stably good and safe service. 


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We know you just want a comfortable and easy ride. That is why at EzDD, we provide the most affordable taxi service in town! We make sure you enjoy our service at the cheapest price!

Drinking? Here is a better solution

We can send a driver to drive you home in your own car

WANT A DIAL-A-DRIVER INSTEAD? We can drop off a driver who can drive you home in your own car at the lowest price in town! Download the app and choose our driver service for quick and easy bookings and payment

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Drink driving is a huge problem in New Zealand and we want to be the most affordable and sustainable solution to the problem in the Christchurch area. We believe in providing safe alternative ways home when plans change and drinks flow, allowing you to have peace of mind that you can stay and enjoy instead of cutting the night short.  Our service allows both you and your car to return to a destination of your choice after your night out, as a lot of drink driving actually happens the morning after while collecting cars from the party location. Use our Christchurch dial-a-driver taxi service and make good choices that end the night in a great way, rather than a regrettable one. 

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