When you drink
we drive
you & your car home

We send qualified drivers to drive you home safely, in your own car. Drivers normally arrive within 15 mins

We get both  you & your car  home


NO need to plan everything ahead or leave your vehicle behind

Cheaper than paying for two Ubers



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I barely knew this kind of service before but they got me and my car home, they are legend.

Trendy Young Man


Perfect service but so cheap at the same time, their drivers and receptionist were really patient and nice

Confident Woman


Always had a comfortable and smooth ride. Drivers and courteous and respectful.


What is dial a driver service?

With this service, we will not pick you up in our own car, which defines the taxi service. ​We provide dial-a-driver service and drive you home in your own car. This is more convenient than say, Uber or Ola, as you do not have to make a trip back to your pick up location to retrieve your car the next day.

Who is this driver service for?

Anyone who is enjoying a great night out and avoids the risk of drink driving afterwards. We can be dropped off at any party, club, event - or any location at all as long as it is near your car. We drive your car home for you, so it needs to be located close to your chosen location.

Where is the EzDD service range?

Our drivers mainly serve the Christchurch area but our drivers can do anywhere near Christchurch, too, including Loburn, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Lincoln and surrounding areas.

How do I book a driver?

Simply call our customer service centre to place an order for a driver.

How does EzDD charge?

We charge $2.40 per km travelled, with a minimum charge of $12.00. You can get a quote on our home page. The final charge may differ (+/- $5) depending on weather conditions, traffic, etc. The final price will be determined by the in-app price calculation.

How long does it take for drivers to arrive after I’ve ordered one?

Our driver will arrive ASAP if you need an urgent pick up, within 15 minutes, normally, depending on your exact location. This can vary based on weather and traffic conditions. If you have to wait more than 45 minutes for your driver to arrive, we will give you a free ride as compensation for your time.

Is this service insured and safe?

We provide professional drivers to safely get you and your car home. All of our drivers have at least 5 years of driving experience and any damage caused by our drivers will be covered financially by us. However, if the damage is not caused by our driver (is hit by another car on the road, for example), you will need to claim on your own insurance and that of the other party responsible for the crash.

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Feel free to call contact us with your queries below:

Manager Email: oceanimarketing@outlook.com